Protocol For Bone Cancer

These protocols are designed to help you decide which products would be best to use for bone cancer. Do not feel obliged to follow the protocols exactly as given -- many people have beaten cancer using just one or two of these supplements. They are all top cancer killers -- even the cancer fighting supplements in the second or third groups listed below test much stronger than the usual supplements being used to fight cancer.

The best minimum to take is all the Vital supplements suggested in the protocol below appropriate for you. The protocols take into account the amount of cancer, whether avoiding swelling and inflammation is an issue, and the synergistic way in which the products work together.

If you are using just one or two supplements, and the cancer is going away, then you are taking the right amount. If it is reproducing faster than it is being killed, and is growing, you need to increase the number of supplements you are using, or their dosage. So it is certainly possible to start out with just one or two of whatever supplement you want to use, no matter if they are in the second or third group in the protocols. Just be sure to hit the cancer harder if it is not getting better in a few months.

The list is divided up based on three descending levels of importance. 

      1. Vital   (crucial must do's -- the most valuable supplements to use)
      2. Important (add on if at all possible)
      3. Very good to add on if you can

Depending on the amount of cancer and your overall health...

With the elixirs, (BLA, PrugX, Glutam, Reveal, Dtosin, GlioX, Tumorin, CSE, RAD, PrugX Enhancer, BLA Enhancer and others) -- a 1 bottle a month dosage is approximately 25% less effective than the 4 per month dosage and only 20% less effective than the 3 bottle per month dosage. 

Since these elixirs as a group are very powerful cancer fighters, if funds are tight, it is better to reduce dosage to using 1 bottle a month and get more of the various elixirs -- rather than getting 3 or 4 bottles a month of only 2 or 3 of them.

This is more powerful because using all the elixirs will fight the cancer in a greater number of ways.

Of course, it is best to do the optimal suggested dosages given below if possible.

When cancer has spread to the lungs....

The most important supplement to use to work on the cancer that is in the lungs is pHenOH -- when you use it in a nebulizer.

Do not dilute, but put 2 capfuls (of its bottle cap) in the nebulizer per session. Use 4 sessions a day, 2 bottles a month, when there is just a bit of cancer, and 6 sessions a day, 3 bottles a month, if possible, when there is a lot of cancer in the lungs.

A nebulizer is a machine that vaporizes a liquid so that it comes out of a mouthpiece or mask as a vapor and is breathed into the lungs.

When pHenOH is breathed into the lungs in this manner, it will work directly on the cancer cells with its highly alkaline OH water. Always a powerful way to deal with cancer. It will also reduce production of mucus and should help to reduce coughing too.

pHenOH works best when BLA and Glutam are also being taken internally. The BLA causes lactic acid to build up in the cancer cells, and Glutam prevents the cancer cells from neutralizing this buildup. The OH water that is pHenOH works first on binding with the lactic acid and other toxins that the cancer cells have been producing and eliminating.

When the lactic acid buildup BLA causes in cancer cells reaches a certain point, the OH water is attracted into the cancer cell and rapidly binds with the lactic acid that has built up in the cell.

When this happens there is a rapid change in pH in the cancer cell. It goes from being too acidic to a much higher pH. Many cancer cells will not be able to stand this shock to their system (of the rapid pH change) and die. The cells that survive will go through the process again as you continue to use pHenOH, BLA and Glutam.

When cancer tumors or a group of cancer cells are within 2 inches of the skin....

Put AlkalOH directly on the skin over the tumor. AlkalOH is the OH water in a gel form, with cancer fighting essential oils. The DMSO in AlkalOH will push the OH water and essential oils into the tumor to directly work on the cancer cells in the tumor.

Again, working directly on the cancer cells is one of the most powerful ways to deal with them. AlkalOH also works best when using BLA and Glutam. The more you put it on the better. 12 times a day optimally. But any amount does something good.

Use AlkalOH when there is cancer in an organ that is within a couple of inches of the skin. For example, cancer in the liver would be effected by the AlkalOH. (This will also reduce inflammation in the liver, and help remove toxins from the liver, both very excellent actions to initiate.)

You may need to use 2 or 3 bottles a month depending on how extensive an area it is used on.

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No Pain at this time (Earlier Stages)

2 bottles a month Immune Force   
1 bottle a month PrugX  
1 bottle a month BLA 
1 bottle a month Glutam
3 bottles a month Reveal
3 bottles a month Dtosin
3 bottles a month GlioX
3 bottles a month Telomerase
3 bottles a month Tumorin
2 bottles a month pHenOH

3 bottles a month CSE
2 bottles a month RAD
1 bottle a month PrugX Enhancer  
1 bottle a month BLA Enhancer 
3 bottles per month Honokare   
3 bottles a month Max Cellular and Immune Specialist

2 bottles a month Quzu  
3 bottles a month ESME Version NS  
2 bottles a month PrugX Immune Boost  
3 bottles a month Q RME  
3 bottles a month Oxy Life Force Elixir   
6 bottles a month GeProCoQ10  

Causing Pain (Advanced)
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3 bottles a month Immune Force   
1 bottle a month PrugX  
1 bottle a month BLA 
1 bottle a month Glutam 
4 bottles a month Reveal
4 bottles a month Dtosin
4 bottles a month GlioX
4 bottles a month Telomerase
4 bottles a month Tumorin
3 bottles a month pHenOH

4 bottles a month CSE  
2 bottles a month RAD
1 bottle a month PrugX Enhancer  
1 bottle a month BLA Enhancer
4 bottles per month Honokare
3 bottles a month Max Cellular and Immune Specialist
2 bottles a month Quzu
4 bottles a month ESME Version NS    
2 bottles a month PrugX Immune Boost 


4 bottles a month Q RME  
4 bottles a month Oxy Life Force Elixir  
7 bottles a month GeProCoQ10  
4 bottles a month Nymsar       
1 Tachyon Healing Cloth  (one time purchase)  

If the cancer is in the brain or lymph nodes, using 3 to 5 bottles per month of Nano Red becomes Vital to help keep the lymph system flowing.

Nano Red is also the top suggestion for reducing the size of a tumor more rapidly. Use 3 to 5 bottles a month, or more, for this also.

Some cancers cause blood clots to form. These can be dangerous and sometimes are a cause of death. Red 65 is a Hirudin extract that is the best anti-coagulant we have tested. Use 2 bottles a month dosage if you have blood clots. Can be used with the meds the doctors put you on to thin the blood, and its action is significantly stronger at eliminating the clot.

If the cancer is in any of the detoxification organs, you need additional supplements to support them, whether they are the liver, kidneys, colon or lymph system.

For the kidneys, add on Kidney Rescue, 3 bottles for 1 month’s supply.

For the lymph system, add on Custom Elixir LS, 3 to 6 bottles for 1 month’s supply.

For the colon, add on GI Pro, 1 bottle per month.

Once your cancer is gone, to prevent it from returning, you will need to use a cancer prevention protocol for at least a year. This will give your body time to heal itself, and improve your cellular environment so that your cells cannot turn cancerous.

For cancer prevention:

Use one bottle of Immune Force  per month for at least 6 months to boost the immune system and heal your body.

Add on Two bottles of Telomerase per month for 6 months to stimulate regeneration, repair and anti-aging. It will also stop any cancer cells that may be remaining in your body from replicating.

Then, continue with one bottle of each for at least 6 more months. Ongoing is best.

To be more vigorous in your cancer prevention, also use two pHenOH per month for the first 3 to 6 months. It will also help to oxygenate and detoxify cells -- and kill cancer cells.


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