Protocols For Breast Cancer

A common question we hear from women with breast cancer is "What can I take after my surgery to prevent the cancer from coming back?" So, to start this protocol, we'll give a brief answer to this question.

The first thing we suggest you do is to check if you have Candida overgrowth. Candida sets you up for the development of cancer so if you don't deal with this overgrowth, the toxins it releases will be setting up the redevelopment of cancer.

Go to the Fungus and Cancer section and do the test described there to determine if you do or don't have candida overgrowth. If you do have it, use C and P Removal Elixir and Toxin Elimination Elixir at least a year, reducing to a bottle a month dose after 6 months.

A "keep the cancer from coming back" protocol would include the following. These are listed in their general order of importance, the most important remedies are at the top of the list.

1  Apopto Activation Elixir — This frequency enhanced elixir has energies that kill cancer cells by turning on apoptosis, which tells the cell to die, in cancer cells. Apoptosis is also turned on in pre-cancerous cells so that they will not turn into cancer cells. Energies in it also work to stop cancer cell replication.

2   C and P Removal Elixir–– This elixir instructs the lymph system to grab hold of cancer cells, and pathogens, and to carry them to the skin and colon, to be eliminated without having to kill them. Not only will C and P Removal work to remove any remaining cancer cells, but it also deals with what is often the underlying cause of the development of cancer, and underlying chronic infection which could be candida overgrowth, a virus or even a bacterial infection. This is why we suggest that it be used at the two bottle a month dose. Elimination these infections takes time, especially candida and viral infections.

2    Toxin Elimination Elixir — Instructions in this elixir tell the lymph system to carry toxins to the skin and colon for elimination. This process is very efficient, handles an overload of toxins, and allows the liver to better recover and heal. This is part of a prevention protocol because at a very basic level it is an overload and accumulation of toxins in the body that significantly contributes to the development of cancer, and for cancer to come back again if these toxins are not eliminated. So many toxins have been stored away in cells, it can take two or three years to get rid of most of them.

1   Dtosin -- This elixir gives cancer cells a series of instructions that reduce cancer cell metabolism, and activate cancer cell apoptosis, or death. Dtosin will help prevent any remaining cancer cells in the body from surviving.


If your cancer is hormonally driven, add on...

1 - 2   Cellular Replication Control elixir —  Instructs the body to repair any damaged genes that regulate the production of enzymes responsible for controlling cellular replication.

1   T Suppressor elixir—  Instructs the body to repair all mutated tumor suppressor genes, and to increase production of the tumor suppressor proteins they make. This includes the vital p53 protein.

If you have active breast cancer, then you need to go to a knock out the cancer protocol which we next cover.

The most important supplements for fighting breast cancer are the following. These supplements will have a synergy with chemotherapies, helping the chemo produce better results while also reducing side effects. Of course, you can use these to fight cancer without being on chemo, or use them with other treatments you may be doing. 

Depending on how many supplements you use, and how much cancer you have, it could be as little as 3 months to as much as 6 months or longer before all the cancer cells are dead. It will take longer to get rid of the dead tumors than it will to kill the cancer.

Be sure and continue with a prevention protocol to correct the issues that caused the cancer in the first place.

The majority of these products are Elixirs. These are energetic products, very simple and subtle in nature, and very effective. The base ingredients of all the elixirs is purified structured spring water with a very small amount of organic Orange and Rosemary essential oils.

Read more about the scientific theory behind our Energetic products Here .

Things to consider when deciding what will help the most.


Group 1 -- The Most Powerful Cancer Fighters

This group includes the supplements that test as the most powerful breast cancer fighters in our bio-energetic testing. These supplements are so effective most of them are in Group 1 for every cancer. They have a synergy with each other, and attack cancer in ways that nothing else approaches in effectiveness, and we have investigated and tested many supplements and therapies.

The majority of these products are elixirs that has been frequency enhanced with specific instructions to the body, that the body responds to. They are simple, powerful, effective, and easy to use.

These supplements are listed in order of importance, with suggested quantities to be taken monthly. If possible, use all of this group, even if this means just using just one bottle a month of each.

If this is too much for your budget, and you are limited to say, four to seven supplements, focus on:
CMSD Elixir, Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir, Dtosin elixir, C & P Removal Elixir, Optimal C Elixir, PrugX and T Ban as they are the strongest cancer fighters as a group. Using all the suggestions is best, of course.

The numbers before the product name are the optimal number of bottles needed for a month’s supply. The first number is for an early stage cancer, the second for an advanced cancer. 


2 - 3  CMSD Elixir — This Cancer Metabolism Shut Down elixir turns off the numerous pathways in cancer cells that produce energy for the cell, and also turns off the pathways that promote growth and proliferation. CMSD has a synergy with Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Dtosin, Glutam, Body and Skin Renewal, GlioX and PrugX Enhancer elixirs as they all work synergistically to turn off cancer cell metabolism and cause cancer cell death. 

2 - 3  Pentose Phosphate Pathways Elixir — The pentose phosphate pathway is the metabolic pathway that produces energy from glucose or sugar. This is the primary energy source for cancer cells. This elixir turns off this pathway, stopping cancer cells from producing energy using glucose. In addition the mitochondria is also instructed to turn on apoptosis in the cancer cell to cause natural cell death.

2 - 3  Dtosin  –– This elixir gives cancer cells a series of instructions that reduce cancer cell metabolism, and activate cancer cell apoptosis, or death. As such it has a strong synergy with CMSD, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Glutam, GlioX, Body and Skin Renewal and PrugX Enhancer which all work on similar actions in different ways.

2 - 3   Glutam  — By stopping the metabolism pathways for glutamine in cancer cells, this elixir prevent cancer cells from making energy from glutamine. When cancer cells metabolize glutamine, they produce, as a byproduct of metabolism, nutrients which enables them to grow faster. Glutam prevents this from happening.

2 - 3   GlioX  — This elixir turns off processes that cancer cells use to hide from the immune system, to become more aggressive, and to repair themselves. It also reduces cancer cell metabolism and promotes apoptosis of cancer cells. This gives it a synergy with CMSD, Pentose Phosphate Pathways, Dtosin, Glutam, Body and Skin Renewal and PrugX Enhancer elixirs.

1 - 2   Body and Skin Renewal Elixir -– Tells cells to reproduce as healthy new cells, without disease or dysfunction. It activates mitochondria in cancer cells to tell the cancer cells to die when cancer cell metabolism is decreased which enables it to increase the cancer fighting abilities of these elixirs that shut down cancer cell metabolism.

1 - 2  PrugX Enhancer — This elixir prevents cancer cells from neutralizing the hydrogen peroxide buildup caused by Optimal C Elixir. It damages the metabolism of cancer cells. As such, it has a synergy, not only with Optimal C and PrugX, but with the CMSD, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Dtosin, Glutam,  GlioX, and Body and Skin Renewal elixirs.

2 - 3 C & P Removal Elixir — This elixir activates a novel and powerful approach to eliminating cancer cells and pathogens. It instructs the lymph system to grab hold of cancer cells, and pathogens, and to carry them to the skin and colon, to be eliminated without having to kill them or process them. This is a powerful process, similar to what Toxin Elimination Elixir successfully does with toxins.

2 - 3   Optimal C Elixir  — Tells the body to make its own vitamin C and a lot of it, by turning on production of the enzyme needed to make it. Vitamin C in high doses gets pulled into cancer cells because it is made from glucose and looks like glucose. Once in the cancer cell, it causes the production of hydrogen peroxide which builds up and eventually kills cancer cells. Is great for reducing inflammation.

1 - 2  PrugX   —  Prevents cancer cells from eliminating hydrogen peroxide. Has a powerful synergy with Optimal C Elixir as it stops the cancer cell from eliminating the hydrogen peroxide created by the vitamin C so that it builds up much faster in the cancer cells.

2 - 3   T Ban  —  This elixir instructs the immune system to carry cancer cells, alive or dead, out of the body. Helps reduce tumor size because cancer cells are more rapidly eliminated by the actions it stimulates. May increase speed of going into remission by 15%.

1 set    SkinCanHeal 1 and SkinCanHeal 2 Combo  ––   Designed for skin cancer, works on tumors relatively close to the skin like breast tumors. First acidifies and then alkalizes the cancer cells, which stresses them greatly and causes them to die.

2 - 3  PNC Support Elixir  —  Researchers have found that a particular protein peptide from the p53 protein effectively kills cancer cells. PNC Support Elixir tells the body to produce this protein peptide, and to direct it to cancer cells in order to kill them.

1 - 2  M-Inhibitor –– This elixir reduces and even stops cancer cell replication. In conjunction with YewImmune5, it has a synergy with T Ban helping to increase T Ban’s effectiveness by about 25%. These also improve the effectiveness of Taxol and other chemotherapies that are mitosis inhibitors.

1 - 2  Radiant Care 11:1 –– Emulsified oil and structured water formula used internally to hydrate and heal organs, spinal fluid and the brain. Valuable where dealing with inflammation. Used topically it is proving excellent for pain relief. Used topically it is proving excellent for pain relief. Increases the effectiveness of the elixirs by about 30% as increase hydration of tumors gets more of the energies into cells.

2 - 3  Max Cellular and Immune Specialist  –– Supplies the precise ratio of green tea extract and capsicum annum that stops cancer cells metabolism and reproduction. Works synergistically with the elixirs that shut down cancer cell metabolism. Also valuable in helping to clear the lungs and reduce coughing when cancer is in the lungs.

The above list comprises the very top group of supplements to use in a comprehensive protocol to beat cancer. Next....

Group 2 -- Support Detoxification and The Immune System

Make sure that you have the necessary support for the liver, immune system and lymph system.

These first two supplements are important for everyone to use.

1 - 2  Toxin Elimination Elixir Activates the lymph system to carry toxins to the large intestine or the skin to be eliminated. This bypasses an overloaded liver and significantly speeds up the removal of toxins from the body. Enables your body to eliminate toxins even when a poorly functioning liver or kidney is failing to do so.

2 - 3  Ultimate Fish Blend  —  This is a unique fish oil supplement that uses antioxidant protection along with mineral and protein co-nutrients to help the fish oil to work more effectively, without the negative side effects of free radical damage and tumor growth that isolated fish oils cause. Ultimate Fish Blend help your cells work much better, and high doses of it are a powerful cancer healer.

Liver support is especially important when cancer is in the liver or if chemotherapy is being given. When used, it will greatly help reduce chemo side effects by enabling the liver to process and eliminate chemo toxins.

1  Liver Strength  —  Powerful liver support that helps clears the detox pathways in the liver. Supports both the liver and immune system. Also clears pathways in the brain so that the brain can better control the immune system. Use 2 per month if the liver is in very poor shape.

1 - 2  Liver Detox Pathways Elixir — Optimizes function of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the detoxification pathways in the liver. Helps the liver eliminate toxins more effectively, and is especially important if chemo has previously been used.

If chemo if being used, additional support of your immune system is especially important.

1  Optimal Immune 1  Optimal Immune 1 is a medicinal mushroom and herb formula, in capsules, that boosts the immune system while also supporting the brain and liver. Designed to work with Optimal Immune 2, it is excellent on its own also. Use when swelling of a tumor would not cause pain or dysfunction.

1  Optimal Immune 2  —  This emulsified oil and herbal formula give powerful immune support and also helps the liver and brain. It is an immune system modulator and will help reduce inflammation too. Medicinal mushrooms and herbs are carried into the cells by it liposomal delivery system.

If someone is in poor shape, the next 3 supplements are valuable.

1 - 2  Metabolic Energy Boost  With instructions to improve and increase metabolism, this elixir improves the energy production of healthy cells. In a unique action, it helps cells burn fat without the body having to first convert the fat to ketones.

1 - 2   Healing Rescue -– This elixir supports the body when it is stressed by chemotherapy, cancer or any ill health situation. It turns on a healing response in the body, and promotes an inner environment that enables healing to take place. Use whenever you are in poor shape and need that extra support.

1 - 2   CellPro   This is a combination of organic vegetable protein, ingredients to increase nitric oxide production and thus circulation, and nutrients to support cellular health. People don’t usually die from the actual growths of cancer. They die from the changes cancer causes in the body. CellPro works on preventing and reversing these effects of cancer on the body.

If the liver has cirrhosis or a fatty liver, the liver supplement to use is...

2 - 3 UltraLiver 12  The main ingredients in the supplement have been used by doctors for years to successfully treat acute liver degeneration. In one study they succeeded in bringing the liver back to normal function in 75 out of 79 cases of severe and acute liver damage. Use UltraLiver12 during chemo and for 1 month after the chemo has stopped. Doing so will enable the liver to better handle the chemo toxins so that they don't build up in your body, poisoning you.

If cancer is in the brain, it is important to add in..

2    Brain Power   This oil and herbal formulation gets the brain cells working better which enables them to control the immune system more effectively. Works to support liver function in conjunction with Liver Strength. Especially vital to use when cancer is in the brain as the oils in it are very protective of the brain.

If someone is in catabolic wasting, along with Liver Strength, add in

1 - 2  Fulvitea   It supplies predigested protein peptides to be used by the body to accelerate repair of the liver. When someone is in catabolic wasting, their liver cannot make protein and needs these predigested protein peptides to repair the liver.

When cancer is in the lymph nodes, the lymph system needs extra support.

2 - 3  Nano Red  — Liquid herbal formula that clears lymph nodes as it works to keep the lymph system flowing. Your lymph system has a tremendous amount of work to do during this battle with cancer as it is responsible for carrying dead cancer cells to the liver.


Group 3 -- What To Add On To Hit The Cancer More Vigorously

Add on this next group of supplements to fight this cancer more vigorously. Some of these may be vital to add on if your cancer is especially aggressive or advanced. Adding in Group 3 to the Group 1 elixirs and what is needed in Group 2, increases overall effectiveness, and would increase survival rates.

1 - 2   Cellular Replication Control Elixir  —  Instructs the body to repair any damaged genes that regulate the production of enzymes responsible for controlling cellular replication. Vital to use with hormonal based cancers as the excess hormones causes too rapid replication of cells.

2 - 3   Proteolytic Boost   --   This elixir tells the pancreas to make large amounts of additional enzymes to digest cancer cells and tumors. These enzymes will also digest candida and scar tissue, clean the blood, reduce inflammation and more. Boosts effectiveness of PapayaPro, Red 65 and other proteolytic enzymes by helping them get to where they need to go.

1 - 2   T Suppressor Elixir —  Instructs the body to repair all mutated tumor suppressor genes, and to increase production of the tumor suppressor proteins they make. This includes the vital p53 protein — low levels of p53 are implicated in many cancers. Vital if you have BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 genetic damage, or the AC missing gene in colon cancer.

2 - 3  Zeolite Enhanced w/DHQ  —  A top cancer cell killer that has knocked out plenty of cancer on its own, it has been particularly effective for breast cancers and can knock our a breast cancer on its own. Zeolite gets drawn into cancer cells and shreds them up.

1 - 2  Reveal ––  This elixir prevents cancer cells from producing the CD47 protein which cloaks the cancer cells from the immune system. Also stops production of the nagalase enzyme which deactivates immune system cells. Has a synergy with GlioX. Use both with cancers that tend to come back aggressively.

1 - 2   StressDefense –– Liquid formulation of 5 organic medicinal mushrooms, 7 organic essential oils with 6 synergistic cofactors all infused into a Humic and Fulvic Acid base to increase their absorption and bioavailability. Powerful immune system support that helps with stress too.

1 - 2  Stress Reducer Elixir  —  Reduces production of stress hormones and increases production of feel good hormones. Stimulates endorphin production which enables the brain to better control the immune system. Stress wipes out the immune system. Less stress, better immune response.

2 - 3  YewImmune5 –– Natural source of taxones which are mitosis inhibitors. Improves the effectiveness of M-Inhibitor and mitosis inhibiting chemotherapy. Strong immune system support especially good for fighting infections.

2 - 3   PapayaPro   ––   Will both digest cancer cells and dead cancer cells, helping to reduce tumor size gradually. Helps absorb and remove them and other toxins with its wild-crafted citrus pectin. Reduces inflammation with additional powerful anti-oxidants. Has a synergy with Proteolytic Boost.

4 - 6 GeProCoQ10   –– This CoQ10 is 18 times better absorbed than regular CoQ10 and in high doses, is a strong cancer fighter that also supports the health of all normal cells. It has additional germanium, a mineral that helps more oxygen get into cells.

1 - 2  Immune Cell Enhancement Elixir –– Increases production of antibodies and T Cells needed to eliminate the specific cancer in the body. Instructs the body to link the antibodies and T Cells together to greatly improve their ability to kill cancer cells, and to take the antibody/T Cells to the cancer cells. Works with Dendritic Cell Support Elixir and Reveal.

1 - 2  Dendritic Cell Support Elixir  Activates the ability of immune system dendritic cells to identify cancer cells and pathogens. Increases production of the specific dendritic cells needed to handle the particular cancer that is in the body. Both actions significantly improve immune system function.

There are many other excellent supplements that could be added on, but the ones above are the most important. You can ask, via the online chat, for a specialist to make further suggestions if you do not want to leave any stone unturned in the battle against cancer.

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